About AntsDB

AntsDB is a database virtualization software that provides a virtual MySQL layer on top of Hadoop HBase. It supports MySQL network protocol, drivers, management console and command line utilities. Its capability helps users adopts big data technology with tremendous savings in training, using, researching and developing. It allows users to use Hadoop as a traditional relational database with wide range of tools and applications. AntsDB architecture allows any data warehouse to be used as its storage. HBase is our first attempt and we will support more choices of backend storage soon.

AntsDB is designed to be a OLTP (online transaction processing) database. It is able to handle thousands of concurrent connections with sub millisecond latency with transactional guarantees. Its powerful virtualization also brings many enterprise features that are existing in the traditional relational databases such as table lock, row lock, MVCC, transaction control, isolation etc to the new and still lacking big data platform. Besides the features, AntsDB passed YCSB and TPCC benchmarking with far superior performance than MySQL, PostgreSQL or the commercial relational database choices.

AntsDB is wire compatible with MySQL. Up to date, there are many MySQL applications that can run on top of AntsDB without a single line of change such as MediaWiki, SonarQube, DBeaver, phpMyAdmin, Squirrel SQL, MySQL Workbench, MySQL clients and the list is growing fast.

AntsDB is also an open source project hosted at GitHub. AntsDB is highly modular with plenty of components can be used independently. It has the most complete MySQL network protocol implementation in Java, a SQL parser that is written entirely for MySQL dialect. a very efficient key-value-pair embeddable database capable of 1 million inserts per second with row lock support, a garbage free lockless skip list implementation optimized at the CPU level. We welcome other open source projects use AntsDB or any of its component. We believes in freedom in using and studying software.