AntsDB beta2 has been released

AntsDB beta2 has been released

There are significant performance and stability improvements in this release. The most important of all, the cache implementation has been completely overhauled. It includes a new resilient file format which resists both software and hardware failures. The data is safe and sound as long as the machine can reboot. The cache algorithm uses lock-free skip list under the hood. Our benchmark shows the new cache implementation is able to power half million write operations or more than 1 million read operations per second on commodity hardware.

Data replication algorithm from AntsDB to HBase has been improved. It will package multiple row updates or deletes from the same table in one API call, saving lots of network roundtrips. The new replicator is able to handle tens of thousands of operations per second. But the real performance is largely depending on HBase.

In this release, AntsDB starts to support full text search. It is critical for content management applications such as MediaWiki, the software powers Wikipedia. Underneath, AntsDB full text search uses popular Lucene library.

You are welcome to try our beta2 release. The download link can be found at Download page.


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